The common stock of YEEDEX ELECTRONIC CORPORATION (stock code: 7556) started trading on the Emerging Stock Board from November 15, 2019., cassification in semiconductor.



The high school student group by Education board of Tomiya City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, lead by City Mayer Mr.Hirotoshi Wako, visit Hsinchu factory. It is the 3rd time of Yeedex/NTK Ceratec supporting this activity since 2017. Combined Taiwanese and Japanese employee shared their experience with young students, and encouraged young generation to have the creative and opened minds. It also promotes the Taiwan-Japan good relationship.

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The application of Yeedex's Initial public offering (IPO) has become approval effective from 2019/8/01 by the Financial Supervisory Commission.



Yeedex bought in factory/land in about 4800/4000 square meters in Chutung, Hsinchu. It is to prepare for the plan of production integration and future expansion.

new factory


Yeedex Ceratec celebrated 10 years anniversity. The ceremony party was held at Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel. President & CEO Mr.Shinichi Odo of NGK SPARK PLUG group and President Mr.Takahiro Suzuki of NTK CERATEC CO., LTD attened the ceremony in person to celebrate together.

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