Sputtering target for solar cell launched

Yeedex Ceratec factory acquired ISO 9001 certificate

Piezo for touch panel application

SBIR of MOEA Taiwan approved

RHK for speedy firing BME MLCC

Rack firing kiln launched

Joint venture factory with Nihon Ceratec Co., Ltd.

Zero Thermal Expansion & Pore Less Ceramics


Rack firing system Patent No.127570 acquired

Piezo inverter for high voltage power supplying

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Si3N4 substrates for IGBT & high power LED

Nihon Ceratec be awarded by Applied Materials


UC-coat for LED phosphors launched by Yeedex Ceratec

Yeedex 6618 new O-ring launched

Phase I production started at Chutung factory in Nov./2012

Yeedex/DAE Chutung factory acquired ISO 9001 certificate

High density plasma coating line completely established

Vertical vacuum kiln for sintering of ceramic powder

Yeedex Ceratec be reported on Feb./2016 Japanese magazine

NTK Ceratec, new name of Nihon Ceratec from Apr/01/2016

Yeedex Taipei office has been moved on May/01/2017

[Excellent Partner] prizes were awarded by NTK Ceratec

Education group of Tomiya City,Japan visit Hsinchu factory