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Nihon Ceratec Co., Ltd, the Japanese jointed venture & strategic partner of Yeedex, has obtained Performance Award from Applied Materials at the 2011 Executive Supplier Forum held on Sep./20/2011 in Santa Clara, California, USA. In front of top 110 suppliers invited, there were four suppliers being given the Performance Awards out of more than 2,000 suppliers worldwide, and Nihon Ceratec was the only one from Asia within these four suppliers. Nihon Ceratec was awarded for its role in the Japanese earthquake and tsunami recovery efforts by working through logistics and manufacturing demands, its proactive business continuity planning and diligent staffing model which resulted in minimized supply interruptions and not having any quality excursions.


What’s New


Yeedex launched new O-ring 6618 series on Jul./04/2012.Yeedex 6618 is a sealing product especially designed for etch process applications in semiconductor equipment. The material provides excellent performance in plasma resistance with minimal contamination. This perfluoro elastomer seal from raw material to end packing is manufactured with all process controlled under ultra clean condition in clean room.

Yeedex Ceratec successfully developed UC-coat for LED phosphors. This ceramic coating prevents phosphors from its quality degradation, the LED can keeps its luminance with longer lifetime. UC-coat has been applied patent under NCC/YCC group.

Yeedex/DAE started phase I production at Chutung factory in Nov./2012. Chutung factory is located at Chung Hsing Rd., Chutung of Hsinchu. It is near to Industrial Technology Research Institute, and about 10 min. in driving distance to Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park. This factory is focus on manufacturing/design/development of new material parts, as well as their related machining/treatment/forming. A logistic warehouse is equipped to service nearby customers in Science-Based Industrial Park.

Yeedex/DAE, factory located at Chutung of Hsinchu, Taiwan, has acquired ISO9001:2008 in Jan/2013.

Yeedex has completely established the technology and processing line of high density plasma ceramic coating in Jun/2013 at Taiwan factory, technology transferred from Yeedex’s strategic partner Nihon Ceratec Co., Ltd, Japan. The high density ceramic layer coated on the chamber part has the strong plasma-resistance, especially suitable for the severe process condition for nano-width semiconductor tools. Orders in customer-made new parts or refurbished parts are welcome.

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Yeedex launched TOKAI Vertical vacuum kiln for sintering of ceramic powder in the application for electronic industries. The metal heating elements and reflective plated are used, and the sintering temp. can be reached to 1,900 degree C. It enables rapid sintering, and the contamination-free design suitable for sintering high sensitive reaction powder. Atmosphere control in N2, H2 or N2+H2 is equipped.

Yeedex Ceratec, the joint venture company of Yeedex and Nihon Ceratec, was reported in the Japanese magazine of 77 BankGlobal Letter Winter (Vol.03)」in Feb./2016. The author praised its outstanding business management and grow profits, and its close cooperation & mutual support to enter the market between Yeedex and Nihon Ceratec, have made success stories for Taiwanese-Japanese. Yeedex Ceratec has set a good example for the enterprises of Taiwan-Japan joint venture.

The Japanese strategic partner of Yeedex, Nihon Ceratec, has changed to its new company name to be NTK CERATEC CO. LTD. and started to use its new company logo from Apr/01/2016. NTK Ceratec is the group company of NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd.(5334.T,Tokyo Stock Exchange).

Yeedex Taipei office has been moved to new place on May/01/2017. New contact: 4F, No.170, Sec.2, Min Sheng E. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan.  TEL: +886-2-2506-3000, FAX: +886-2-2506-2128


Yeedex was invited to attend the 30th anniversary ceremony of its strategic partner, NTK Ceratec Co. Ltd., on Aug/17/2017 in Sendai, Japan.  [Excellent Partner] prizes were awarded by President Mr. Takahiro Suzuki of NTK Ceratec Co., Ltd. in person at the ceremony.  The prizes were to honor the excellent contribution of Yeedex developed RSM technology.

The high school student group by Education board of Tomiya City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan visit Hsinchu factory on Jul/26/2018. It is the 2nd time of Yeedex/NTK Ceratec supporting this activity since 2017. Combined Taiwanese and Japanese employee shared their experience with young students, and encouraged young generation to have the creative and opened minds. It also promotes the Taiwan-Japan good relationship.