What’s New

Yeedex launched new product which is the piezo designed for touch panel module application in Jun/2009. The piezo actuator is designed in the panel and received the signal from CPU when finger touching the panel. It will generate the tactile feedback from the screen.

Yeedex Ceratec Corporation has been approved for the supporting fund from SBIR in May/2009. SBIR is the program of the Dept. of Industrial Technology (DoIT) of Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) in Taiwan government, in order to encourage local start-up companies pursuing innovative research of industrial technologies and products.

Yeedex launched TOKAI Roller Hearth Kiln (RHK) for the sintering application in BME MLCC and other electronic parts. The speedy firing system is possible with characters of swift sintering, flexible of the heat pattern, high efficiency sintering, changeable of the kiln length by united, and atmosphere control.

Yeedex has jointed venture with Nihon Ceratec Co., Ltd, a Japanese company with head office located in Sendai Japan, to set up a factory in Taiwan. The factory named  “Yeedex Ceratec Corporation“ is located at Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan. Its target is to establish the capability in production and technology for the service in the region of great China mainly for semiconductor, flat display panel, solar panel, LED and other advanced industries.

Yeedex has acquired a jointed patent with Marujyu Corporation for the Rack Fring System in Taiwan, in Patent No.127570. The Rack firing system is widely using in the electronic ceramics field with outstanding performance.


文字方塊: 文字方塊: Dr. Chen, Bureau Head of IDB,
Ministry of Economic Affairs,
witness the JV contract of Nihon Ceratec
& Yeedex, Jan/22/2008 in Japan

What’s New


Yeedex Ceratec Corporation, factory located at Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan, has acquired ISO9001:2008 (CNS 12681) certificate in Jun/2009.

文字方塊: Japan News May/28/2008

Yeedex launched new product which is sputtering target for solar cell industry. It is applied in the thin film solar cell process, such like Si-film & CIGS solar cell line as their sputtering target. Various materials and shape in combination are possible based on customer’s inquiry.

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Yeedex launched TOKAI Rack heater kiln for the sintering application in BME MLCC and other electronic parts. The raising speed in max. 8,000 degree C per hour is possible. An automatic loading/unloading system can be included as option.

Yeedex launched ZPF(Zero Thermal Expansion & Pore Less Ceramics) made by Nihon Ceratec. ZPF material is very dense and there is few pores on the surface, which solves particle issues and brings good outgas property. It has outstanding performance in Lithography applications.

Al2O3 99.5%


Yeedex launched Piezo Inverter by using piezo ceramic transformer and original circuit for high voltage power supply device. This Piezo inverter has excellent characteristics: small and thin size, high-efficiency and low noise. High-efficiency of supply circuit is kept even in strong magnetic field. It can be applied in power supply for back light of LCD, High voltage power supply for ion/ozone generator, High voltage power supply for lighting HID lamp,….,etc.

Yeedex launched Si3N4 substrates for IGBT(Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) & high power LED applications. Si3N4 has best mechanical property in bending strength and fracture toughness compared to other ceramic like Al2O3 and AlN in same application. Thinner design in substrate is possible. Meanwhile, substrate deteriorated by hydrolysis will not be occurred on Si3N4.  A composite material design Si3N4+MMC is also available for end user’s consideration.