In accordance with regulations governing internal control systems by public companies, Yeedex Electronic Corporation (Stock code 7556) has established a corporate governance system to strengthen the Board’s functions, set up Audit Committee and Compensation Committee, respect for shareholder rights and enhance information transparency.

We dedicate ourselves to fulfilling corporate social responsibility and implementing excellent corporate governance on the basis of high-standard business ethics. Furthermore, we are devoted to providing high-quality products and best service to our customers, optimizing shareholders’ investment return, valuing employee benefits and making great effort to achieve sustainable operation as our ultimate goal.

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The Yeedex Board consists of seven Directors for a three-year term, including three Independent Directors. The Board Meeting is convened at least once each quarter; however, the meeting can be convened at any time during the emergency. Routine Board Meeting’s agenda includes at least major financial business results and internal audit business results.

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mark1  Audit Committee

The Yeedex Audit Committee consists of all three independent directors, aiming to assist the Board to promote corporate governance. Regularly, the Committee convenes four times a year. Its functions include auditing financial statements, internal auditing, the company’s internal control system, material assets, derivatives transactions, monetary loan, endorsement and provision of guarantee. Moreover, it reviews the hiring, dismissal or compensation of an attesting CPA and his or her independence assessment and also has the patronage of a financial, accounting or internal auditing officer. In addition, the Committee has to accept cases being reported and regularly examine the content of the documents to the competent authorities, employee ethics, and whether the operation of the company conforms to the law.

mark1  Compensation Committee

The Yeedex Compensation Committee consists of all three independent directors, aiming to implementing corporate governance and completing a sound compensation system for the directors and managers in our company. The Committee convenes at least twice a year, and its functions include establishing and regularly examining the policies and standards of performance review and compensation system for the directors and managers.

mark1  Internal Auditing

The Yeedex internal auditing unit, subordinated to the Board, aims to assist the managers of all units to further understand the employees’ efficiency of handling business and verify whether every operation follows the company’s internal regulations, so as to enhance corporate management. The unit executes routine auditing in accordance with annual audit plans and enforces additional projects if needed, in order to find out probably existing error regarding internal control timely. Additionally, it makes suggestions for improvement, issues the audit report and gives reports regularly about implementation status to the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors.



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Company name: SinoPac Securities Corp. 


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